This April 25, 2017 webinar introduction of the Markforged Metal X 3D Printer had over 2000 attendees. The Markforged Metal X printer and ADAM process is a game changing technology that will have significant impact on the production of metal parts, tools, and molds.

Not only lower cost, the Metal X enables designers to rapidly explore, develop, and produce quality metal parts. The significance of weight reducing internal structures, previously unavailable to the extent the Metal-X process offers, should not be underestimated.

For tool and die shops the Metal-X is a hands-off workhorse machine that increases productivity and capability with ease.

For North American injection molders, Metal-X is a huge opportunity to diversify customer base providing tooling inserts for Master Unit Die. The ability to go from design to delivery of thousands of parts in a few days will be a highly valued service in great demand.

To get a better understanding of Markforged Metal X watch the webinar ;

Introducing the Metal X




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