Designing For 3D Printing: Markforged Webinar March 21st

WEBINAR: Designing for 3D Printing: Making the Most of Additive Manufacturing Just like any other manufacturing method, 3D printing has its own set of unique design practices. In our latest webinar we go back to the basics. While Markforged products produce 3D printed parts comparable to aluminum, these fundamental design practices for 3D printing still apply. We'll cover why 3D printed parts warp, designing unit tests, and more so that you can efficiently design your parts for printing. Join Markforged for a live webcast on Tuesday,March21 from 11am to 12pm (EDT) to learn more. Kelcom 3D division is your local authorized reseller Markforged printers and provider of 3D printing services in Windsor-Essex, Chatham-KentOntario.

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How Strong are Markforged Parts?

REQUEST DEMO Parts printed on a Markforged printer can be designed to have the flexural strength of aluminum and tensile strength of steel. They can be stronger than 6061-T6 aluminum by weight and up to 1/3 the strength of the best carbon fiber composites made today.Performance data(included on data sheets) was collected from 3-point bend testing on an Instron® universal testing machine in the preferred fiber orientation. The performance capabilities can be seen in the below graph with a comprision across the Markforged materials, as well as aluminum and printed ABS: MarkForged’s missionis to bring high strength 3D printing to everyday engineering. Offering the world’s only 3D printing systems capable of automatically reinforcing engineering plastics to aluminum levels of performance and beyond, MarkForged enables every business to easily manufacture REQUEST DEMO

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Markforged Webinar: Advanced Eiger Techniques: Efficient Fiber Routing for Optimized Strength

Markforged Webinar: Advanced Eiger Techniques: Efficient Fiber Routing for Optimized Strength When: Tuesday, January 24, 2017, 11am-12pm EST Register Today! Our unique fiber reinforced 3D printing process gives users a range of reinforcement tactics to choose from. By using both of these options efficiently when reinforcing components, you can add strength to your parts where you need it. We'll show you how to optimize your fiber placement techniques to suit the loading conditions of your application, while at the same time reducing material and print time. Improve part design and cut manufacturing costs even further: learn to print even stronger in our latest webinar. Join Markforged for a live webcast on Tuesday, January 24 from 11am to 12pm (EST) to learn more.

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