Markforged Metal X Part Examples

Markforged has published some gorgeous Metal X printed part examples with material cost in US dollarsand the layer resolution the part was printed at. Lower resolution yields a faster print. Very exciting stuff! Sprocket - $12.56 80m Request Demo Bracket - $33.51 50m Injection Mold Cavity - $45.93 50m Metal X is destined to be a game-changer. If you would like a quote please contact us.

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Markforged In-Process Inspection Overview

Laser on print head scans prints for precise dimensional inspection Scan at any layer during printing Compare to design, Go/No-Go decisions Scan Accuracy: 1 um, Z-axis 50 um, X-/Y-axis Available on Mark X and Metal X Printers Request Demo

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Markforged Metal X Webinar Recording

This April 25, 2017 webinar introduction of the Markforged Metal X 3D Printer had over 2000 attendees. The Markforged Metal X printer and ADAM process is a game changing technology that will have significant impact on the production of metal parts, tools, and molds. Not only lower cost, the Metal Xenables designers to rapidly explore, develop, and produce quality metal parts.The significance of weight reducing internal structures, previously unavailableto the extent the Metal-X process offers,should not be underestimated. For tool and die shops the Metal-X is a hands-off workhorse machine that increases productivity and capability with ease. For North Americaninjection molders, Metal-X is a huge opportunity to diversify customer base providing tooling inserts forMaster Unit Die. The ability to go from design to delivery of thousands of parts in a few days will be a highly valued service in great demand. To get a better understanding of Markforged Metal X watch thewebinar ; Introducing…

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